drewniane tarasy
drewniane tarasy

species of wood
traditional terraces

Wooden terraces, decks, boardwalks, world-renowned and exclusive outdoor wooden terraces offered to the most demanding clients through our innovative system

Derived from American outdoor design and experience, our system is recognized as well as copyrighted and trademarked* in many countries of the world, among others: the USA, countries of Europe and Poland. * International Patent C.T.01/00096, EP 1392936, US 7,424,794

Compared to other systems, Deck-Dry system offers the best parameters:


boards do not rot from the bottom

drips joined with Deck-Dry distancing units eliminate water under-dripping, leaving connections in aerial-dry condition.

underside of wood remains in aerial-dry condition

in which case no fungus type Zygo-, Asco-, Basidio-, Deutero, -mycetes can develop, allowing each piece of wood to reach up to 100 years** durability. **according to Kollman F. “Principles of woof science and technology” Springer Verlag, New York

boards are not “punctured”

with nails nor bolts from the top, so maintenance i.e. cleaning and scraping (if board is not fluted) is possible and easier

boards do not warp

boards do not soak from the bottom since they lie “dry” on distanced joists. The wood fibers remain stable and intact (in other systems boards soak water form underneath and as a result, the entire board warps and cracks).

boards are distanced from joists

thanks to DECK-DRY distancing-units, wet waste and debris (for example: sand, leaves, fur) gathers below the board on joists- eliminating direct contact with wood, thus avoiding rotting.

top part of board should be preserved

surface is subject to environmental factors such as rain, however the underside of the board does not require preservation

joists and Deck-Dry distancing units

are indestructible (made from PVC / stainless steel). Joists placed flat require permanent support, they do not act as construction. Joists placed shorter-side down are construction joists

boards are replaceable

after many years of use in the case of wrecking, however all other elements are indestructible

terraces are worth the price

long-lasting durability and comprehensive assembly recompense the cost of screws and steel distancing units and PVC joists /self-assembly is possible/

terraces are long-lasting

compared to those in other systems, as well as traditional systems  traditional terraces.


preserving the life of the board

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